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Conveyor Antenna with CNCS.


The new DATAMARS A-ST7501 CON CNCS antenna has been especially developed for the identi ca- tion of garments on textile conveyors.Thanks to its extended reading eld, the whole garment’s area can be covered.This allows an arbitrary positioning of the LaundryChipTM inside the garments.The durable casing is made of tough ABS-plastic, and it protects the electronics inside against spray-water and normal wear in the industrial environment.The standard version is delivered with a cable length
of 2 m. Cables with a length of up to 10 m can be obtained upon request.

Customer benefits

  • Conveyor speed up to 40 m/minute
  • Distance between hangers down to 50 cm
  • Can be up to 10 m away from the reader
  • Very high reading speed (< 20 msec)
  • Reading distance up to 22 cm in industrial conditions
  • Fast adjustment through jumper setting