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A-UHF-CON-AO-101: UHF Add-On Antenna, shielded vertical Conveyor, (ETSI).
A-UHF-CON-CBO-101: LF-UHF Combo Antenna, shielded vertical Conveyor, (ETSI).


As part of our comprehensive UHF solution for industrial laundries, Datamars is proud to offer a high performance solution for hanging garments: the A-UHF-CON-AO-101. This UHF antenna is able to concentrate its beam to read only garments in front and avoid unwanted reads aside and behind. This is particularly useful when garments are close to each other and need to be read one by one (typically in sorting systems). Its size is fully compatible with existing LF (A-ST7501 CON) or HF (A-ST1300 CON) Datamars antennas, whenever garments are provided with a mixed population of transponders (LF/UHF or HF/UHF) and two reading technologies need to be combined.

Customer benefits

  • High-performance RFID reading system for scan of hanging garments
  • Concentrated reading eld and lateral shielding to avoid unwanted reads
  • Easy to combine with existing LF or HF Datamars antennas, whenever required
  • Solid structure made to withstand normal wear and tear in industrial laundries
  • Easy mounting