Product name:

HF – ORION T-BT 1315 HT 15 mm / 1320 HT 22 mm

Product category:

HF Transponder, 100% PPS material.


With theT-BT1315 HT“ORION”tag,DATAMARS launches its‘next generation’LaundryChipTM for the textile service markets.Thanks to its new design and material, this tag can withstand the highest levels of water extractor pressures, typically used for at linen products such as towels, sheets or table cloths. As hard tag with optimized shape, “ORION” reduces the risk of damage to textiles during the ironing process, making it ideal for the hospitality, healthcare and workwear segments.

Customer benefits

  • Fully ISO 15693 / 18000-3 compatible LaundryChipTM
  • Developed to withstand the highest levels of water extractor presses
  • Optimized shape reduces the risk of damages to textiles
  • Multi-purpose transponder suitable for all types of linens, garments, mats and mops
  • Robust LaundryChipTM lasts for up to 200 washing cycles