Product name:

LF – T-BT7700

Product category:

LF Laundry Chip.


The DATAMARS LaundryChipTMT-BT7700 contains an individual,preprogrammed code which cannot be falsi ed.The communication from the reader to the transponder occurs through nonharmful low power and low frequency radio waves. Consequently, the passive transponder (no battery) transmits the code which identi es the item, without possibility of error, through any non-conductive material. DATA- MARS LaundryChipsTM carry manufacturing information on their shell and additional information can be laser-printed on request.

Customer benefits

  • The de facto standard in laundry industry worldwide
  • Smooth shape, non-damaging when tted into sensitive textile
  • Extremely miniaturized, imperceptible
  • Suitable for uniforms, mats, mops and textiles
  • Allround transponder especially developed to sustain laundry processes incl. sterilisation
  • Works on the principle of Single Read Low-Frequency radio waves that can pass through non-conductive material
  • Ideal for hostile environment, provides high reading range even in metal proximity
  • Very high reading speed (20 msec)
  • Unbeatable price/performance ratio