Smartex Miracle + TS


Miracle + TS Tank System Water Recovery Technology.


Tolkar is again proud to offer SMARTEX Miracle + TS series by carrying “Miracle” revolution too far in washing technologies. With the help of in built water recovery tank, last rinsing water and extracted water is being sent into said tank to reuse for next prewashing or washing step by Miracle + TS technology. SMARTEX Miracle + TS – 135 kg saves additional nett 337,5 liters of water for each washing process.

If we assume that 1:1 amount of water is needed for wetness of laundry in a standard washing program, water recovery tank system saves 20 % from water compared to Miracle series.

Miracle + TS technology is accomplished with PolyRib ECO Drum System and with the help of single pump, 3rd rinsing water and extracted water are subjected to send into water reuse tank. Said water is pumped back into the machine for the next prewashing or washing step with again same pump whereas this pump is also discharging the waste water into drainage. Patented PolyRib ECO Drum System and patented Smart Balancing System are coming as standard in SMARTEX Miracle + TS series.

SMARTEX Miracle series save 50 % from less water, chemical, heating energy, electricity and waste water compared to all others and now SMARTEX Miracle + TS proud to offer 60 % saving from water consumption in total.