LF – A-ST7530 TT CNCS “Table Top”


Table Top Antenna with CNCS.


The DATAMARS A-ST7530 TT CNCS antenna has been especially developed for the identi cation of textile in manual and semi -automated laundries.Thanks to its extended reading range, high reading spe- ed and extreme reliability, this antenna is also widely used in vertical position to read textile on the y on full automated sorting systems.This all- round modular antenna is perfectly suitable for other dimensions that can be designed on request.The A-ST7530 TT CNCS antenna is equipped with the patented CNCS (Central Noise Canceling System), which enhances tremendously the reading range within electro- magnetic disturbances found in laundries. Additionally, the CNCS provides a better reading accuracy because it shapes the electromagnetic waves such that transponders having the worst orientation to the antenna can be read.The CNCS makes the A-ST7530 antenna a real RFID® Plug & Play device and when linked to a DATAMARS reader tted with NMS, the antenna can even detect and show disturbing signals that can be eliminat- ed.This provides the user with an extremely high guaranteed reading range.

Customer benefits

  • Standard de facto Laundry/Industrial antenna with ca. 30 cm reading distance
  • Read through virtually every non-conductive material
  • Works on the principle of low-frequency radio waves
  • Housed in splash-water-tight durable plastic housing
  • Distance between reader and antenna can be up to 10 m
  • Very high reading speed (< 20 msec)
  • Easy installation through standard construction and casing
  • Fast adjustment through jumper setting
  • Plug & Play with patented Central Noise Canceling System (CNCS)
  • LED to indicate operation
  • Other dimensions available on request
  • CE and FCC approval