Portable UHF reading solution with Bluetooth connectivity (ETSI).


R-PO-UHF-BT by Datamars represents an innovative portable UHF reading solution, extremely light (only 380 g) and easy-to-mount pistol-shape device.Whatever you need is to connect it via Bluetooth with a common Android/iOS smartphone (not included) or a local PC, this device can help you.

Customer benefits

  • An easy, light and cost-effective way to scan hundreds of DM UHF tagged items
  • Just plug in your Android or iOS smartphone, click the pistol grip and that’s it! Data are automatically transmitted to your mobile device through Bluetooth interface even if your smartphone is several meters away
  • User friendly app to set-up the reader parameters and to observe in real time the tag inventory list directly on your smar tphone screen. At the same moment, tag codes may be sent real time to your facility’s software by means of Smar t Wedge PC application
  • Data can be stored in several locations: on your mobile device, on your PC or directly in the reader’s micro SD card (not included)
  • Ergonomic shape and rugged materials for usage in the harsh laundry environment.The long lasting Li-Po rechargeable battery ensures a continuous reading operation without interruptions
  • Fully documented to easy develop customized PC and mobile applications