UHF – LaundryChip 301


The first multi-read UHF LaundryChipTM developed by Datamars for high-volume bulk-read applications: flexible, round module.
Available in 3 versions: Source Tagging, Patchable and in Pouch.


The FT 301 is the latest in the NOVO LaundryChip transponder family for the textile services mar- ket. These ISO 18000-6C compliant, UHF tags allow for high speed, bulk reading in industrial laundry applications at read distances of up to six meters (or 19 feet) without requiring a direct line of sight. These soft, exible and thin tags can be applied quickly and easily in multiple ways – sewn, heat-sealed or pouched – according to your wash process needs. NOVO was designed speci cally to meet the rigors of high volume, high pressure wash work ows to help extend the life of your assets and have been tested in real-world laundries for over 200 cycles to ensure guaranteed tag performance and endurance.

Datamars UHF solutions can offer RFID to industrial laundries for a lower capital investment than what is typically expected from RFID, and offer better long term ROI than conventional ID systems. We offer customizable, modular UHF portal solutions at the industry’s most reasonable price levels and offer consulting services for tailored systems to ensure you can reap the bene ts from the industrial fabrication expertise that you already have in-house.


  • Outstanding mechanical resistance ensures tag performance and endurance for reduced wear-and-tear
  • Tested for over 200 cycles in real laundries! • Suitable for autoclave
  • Best-in-class for con ned eld applications