HF – A-ST1360 TUN “Tunnel”


HF Multiread Tunnel Antenna with conveyor belt and cart, IP66.


Industrial laundries are now increasingly using tunnel antennas in order to solve the dif culty posed by transponder’s position when used for dynamical industrial applications on conveyor belt systems.The tunnel antenna can identify textiles in soil bags or read textiles in bulk after bags have been unloaded on belt conveyor. Having a modular concept, the industrial RFID tunnel antenna can be easily integrated into existing laundry infrastructures.Thanks to a speci c anti-collision algorithm the A-ST1360Tunnel antenna prioritises the reading accuracy in comparison to the reading speed.

Customer benefits

  • Patented, fully ISO 15693 compliant bulk reading system for industrial laundries
  • Fast and reliable identi cation of entire laundry bags on a conveyor belt
  • Highest accuracy rates also as check-out solution for stacks of textiles
  • Reads entire DATAMARS HF tag family (11mm – 15mm – 22mm)
  • Reads up to 100 chips in 18 sec. and up to 50 chips in 9.5 sec (T-BT1315 HT)
  • Available without transportation system (A-ST1360TUNTOP) for easy integration into existing laundry structures