VEGA APD 3/2 Airline


Airline Blanket Folder.


The VEGA APD 3/2 Airline is mainly designed for the folding of airline blankets.
With this machine it is possible to combine up to three lateral folds with one or two cross folds.


With the APD models you have three different feeding possibilities:

  • The feeding belts run continuously and the operator can feed the items behind each other.
  • The feeding belts start running when the photo cell is covered.
  • The feeding belts start running when the start button on the side of the machine is pushed.
  • According to the chosen program, the items will be folded, sorted (with APD 3/1 Selective) and stacked.
  • According to the execution, the pre-programmed number of items in a stack will be transported back to the operator, packing station or central discharge conveyor


  • The machine comes as a standard equipped with a PLC touch-screen control system.
  • The PLC can store up to 100 different folding programs for individual customers. For each stored program, different folding and sorting parameters can be set