HF – TARA T-BT 1311 11 mm


HF Transponder (potted).


The DATAMARS LaundryChipTM T-BT1311 “PersonalChip” contains an individual, preprogrammed code which cannot be falsi ed. Due to its small size, the “PersonalChip” is ideal for the chipping of pri- vate garments, like in the nursing homes sector.The communication from the reader to the transponder occurs through nonharmful low power and high frequency radio waves. Consequently, the passive tran- sponder (no battery) transmits the code which identi es the item, without possibility of error, through any non-conductive material.

Customer benefits

  • ISO 15963 compatible LaundryChipTM
  • Specially designed for personal wear applications where manual sorting processes are involved
  • Extremely miniaturized, imperceptible
  • Suitable for all types of personal garments
  • Developed to sustain laundry processes incl. sterilisation
  • Works on the principle of Multi-Read High-Frequency radio waves which can be read through non-conductive material
  • Very high reading speed (20 msec), up to 40 pcs/second