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HF Multiread Chute Antenna.


The new DATAMARS A-ST1300 CHUTE Antenna has been developed as a check-in solution for the soil side reading the garments going through the antenna one by one (with T-BT1315 or T-BT1320) orsimultaneously with T-BT1320.Thanks to its antenna positioning, the LaundryChipTM can be read in every position with an accuracy next to 100%.

Customer benefits

  • Reading all fully ISO 15693 compatible and ISO 18000-3 transponders
  • Reading T-BT1315 (15 mm) & T-BT1320 (22 mm)
  • No orientation limits for the transponders
  • Anti-collision antenna (identi cation of multiple items at once) withT-BT1320
  • Fast & reliable identi cation