UHF – A-UHF-TT-AO-101 / A-UHF-TT-CBO-101


A-UHF-TT-AO-101: UHF Add-On Antenna, TableTop.
A-UHF-TT-CBO-101: LF-UHF Combo Antenna, TableTop.


As part of our comprehensive UHF solution for industrial laundries, Datamars is proud to offer a high performance solution for table top scanning: the A-UHF-CON-AO-101. This UHF antenna is able to concentrate its beam to read only garments on top of it and avoid unwanted reads aside and behind, making it suitable for a 1:1 technology shift from the existing LF or HF antenna. Its size is fully compatible with existing LF (A- ST7530 TT) or HF (A-ST1330 TT) Datamars antennas, whenever garments are provided with a mixed population of transponders (LF/UHF or HF/UHF) and two reading technologies need to be combined.

Customer benefits

  • High-performance RFID reading system for table top applications
  • Concentrated reading eld with the same reading area as the existing antenna
  • Easy to combine with existing LF or HF Datamars antennas, whenever required
  • Solid structure made to withstand normal wear and tear in industrial laundries
  • Easy mounting