Product name:

Retrieval R310

Product category:

The Polytex R310 Textile Return Unit is used to return soiled textile items and store them in a full-sized laundry cart until they are taken to the laundry. Ideal for large installations, this standalone unit has a capacity of up to 300 textile items


Key Benefits:
Simple access using a personal ID card.
Simple and easy-to-use control interface.
Supports various types of textile identification methods (visual identification, RFID, magnetic identification, and more).
Fast return of items.
Emptying the unit is simple and fast.

230V 50 Hz / 115V 60 Hz


Overall dimensions: 151 (w) x 80 (d) x 225 (h) cm (59.45 x 31.5 x 88.58 in)

Maximum cart dimensions: 85 (w) x 67 (d) x 180 (h) cm (33.46 x 26.38 x 70.87 in)

Note: The unit is supplied without a cart.