4 panels cabin in automatic version for UHF textile trolley scanning.


As part of our comprehensive UHF solution for industrial laundries, Datamars is proud to offer this high performance solution for cart scanning: the UHF Cabinet Scanning System (S- UHF-CAB). Designed to withstand the rigors of the industrial laundry, it offers high reading rate of textiles placed in trolleys inside the closed cabinet.This cabin is provided with an integrated software automatically providing data once doors are closed and reading operation takes place. Data are available onTCP/IP socket and (optionally) on RS232, USB and USB KBW.

Customer benefits

  • High-performance RFID reading system for bulk scanning of chipped items in laundry carts
  • Suitably sized for placement in laundries where available space is limited
  • Same structure is ready for low and high density items reading
  • Highest scan accuracy rates for carts containing several hundreds of items
  • Fully shielded, no risk of stray reads
  • Solid structure made to withstand normal wear and tear in industrial laundries
  • 2 automatic doors for pass-through operations,
  • Door opening triggered by pushbutton (other options custom available)