Product name:

UHF – A-UHF SL 360/700/990

Product category:

UHF Slim Antenna, available in 3 measures: L 360mm, L 700mm or L 990mm.


Datamars is proud to offer the UHF Slim Antenna (A-UHF SL 360/700/990) to complement its NOVO transponder family as part of its complete UHF solution for the individual laundry market.This industry leading antenna is ideal for reading chipped textiles at the chip assignment or regular work station in the laundry, i.e. clean outscan of items. Extremely light, it can be easily mounted on top or underneath work table.

Customer benefits

  • EPC global UHF Class 1 Gen 2/ ISO 18000-6C RFID antenna
  • Compact UHF Table Top antenna for in- and out-scanning of textiles
  • Highest accuracy rates for individual or stacked item scanning
  • Easy mounting (table top or table bottom)