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As you might know, Botved Vaskerimaskiner A/S has been distributor of laundry equipment from JENSEN-GROUP through many years – 52 years to be precise.

A good working relationship that has evolved a lot over time, but it has always been JENSEN, which has developed and produced machines, while sales and service has been performed by Botved.

This cooperation structure is now past, after JENSEN has decided to grant a request from the large laundry groups to be attached directly to JENSEN. As a result, create JENSEN now own sales and service center in Rønne and has therefore terminated Botved as a dealer in Denmark.

In Botved however, we have long had the experience that laundries, both at home and abroad, demand a greater supply and competition, as an alternative to the current supplier structure significantly, have focused on just two manufacturers. The challenge we have now chosen to take up and therefore we can proudly announce that we have just signed a partnership agreement with VEGA Systems B.V., The Netherlands. This means that in future we will be the provider of laundry facilities from VEGA for the entire Nordic market.

VEGA was established in 2001, but is already among the world’s largest manufacturers of laundry facility, with modern factories in the Netherlands, Germany, China and Thailand. Despite this size, makes VEGA a virtue of their very flat organization that makes the company much-operative and open for special solutions for individual customer needs.

The choice of VEGA as a partner is no coincidence, and we look forward to presenting the new machines for our customers. You will experience VEGA as a dynamic and innovative manufacturer, which allows us to develop and adapt solutions in close cooperation with you.

In addition to the equipment fra VEGA, Botved continues to offer a range of otherwise reputable products, including machinery from Smartex and Primus. Our service department will continue to provide service on JENSEN equipment and spare parts continued to be ordered and delivered from our spareparts department.

At the same occasion we’re strengthening and expanding owners with Svend Gjørup and renamed Botved Systems A/S.

So dear customer; welcome the new Botved – delivered and serviced by familiar faces.

Yours sincerely

Botved Systems A/S

Claus Linde